...a prime promoter of housing Estate Development projects in Lagos and across other Nigerian cities

City Planner Property and Investment Limited (established in 2008) is a Real Estate Housing Development and Investment outfit incorporated and registered as a limited liability company in Nigeria.

The company focuses on improving returns on assets by investing in emerging cities and market in Africa especially Nigeria. It engages in growing market need for accommodation of acceptable international standards by Nigerians at home and in Diaspora.

Our core competence centres on offering the acquisition of land and housing units with such features as affordable prices, low entry point, attractive designs, mortgaged backed and professionally structured project delivery.

The Company has built quality and strong brand in the building industry for over a decade with the array of housing estates located across 4 states in Nigeria.

City Planners Property and Investment Limited is one of the leading real estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria. It has become a reference point in her field of operations. The company was established with a mission to provide world class services second to none through the creation of real estate and investment solutions at affordable prices and creating consistent value-added oriented products.

Our experience and knowledge in both residential and commercial properties in Nigeria is drawn from hands-on experience in real estate industry as demonstrated very ably for the last 10 year.

City Planners is a real estate company that stands totally on the trust placed on it by its valued clients. The company returns this trust by continuously working to provide satisfactory housing units. A vigorous technical team work behind the scene to ensure a timely completion of project.

The company is reaching for the sky, a young growing company sure to make its vision a reality and its mission an existence.