We provide Real Estate consulting services for individuals and small syndicates

We provide Real Estate consulting services for individuals and small syndicates. Whether you are a first time or an experienced investor, City Planners has the valuable experience to show how you can earn 100%-200% “cash-on-cash” by investing in safe, secure, well-managed real estate.
Through individual counsel or group seminars, you will learn the step-by-step procedures and safeguards that lead to a high cash flow investment.

To facilitate the transaction as well as the management of your investment, City Planners Property And Investment Limited and its team of professionals can support your decisions in a number of important areas:

SITE SELECTION - that includes four phases of scrutiny to ensure that site locations conform to relevant factors that guarantees 100% returns on investment.

PROJECT SITE MANAGEMENT - Our project team comprises of experience and qualified members with years of proven experience that offers thoughrough project execution.

PROJECT PARTNERS - City Planners Property And Investment Limited can recommend project partners who will provide competitive quotes and excellent service.

INVESTMENT ANALYSIS - that can earn 100%-200% “cash-on-cash” by investing in safe, secure, and well-managed real estate.

COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL LEASING - consultation that helps you understand how rental properties are categorized and how to create a position in the marketplace that suites you.

MARKET ANALYSIS end-to-end project analysis - that gives complete and accurate evaluations of the prospective client and market for easy projection of product into the market place.

There are three options available in our consultancy service.

  1. Basic Consultancy Service
  2. Standard Consultancy Service 
  3. Absolute Consultancy Service

Whatever consultancy services option rendered, our work is driven by our clients individual needs, goals and objectives combined with our backgrounds, experience and proprietary “HOME” Plan.